Essential Oils Recipes 1

Melt and Pour Soap Recipes

2 cups of Melt and Pour SoapEssential Oils Recipes 1

Start at 2 drops of color

Additives are optional (bees wax, Vitamin E, Shea or Cocoa Butters)

25 drops of Essential Oil of your choice


  • Cut your Melt and Pour Soap into about 1 1/2 inch squares. Instead of the 2 cup measure, weigh the Melt & Pour on an accurate little scale, if that is more helpful.
  • You can use a large plastic measuring cup or a large glass one for the melt process.
  • When using the microwave use medium to low heat. Cover with saran wrap so you do not lose the moisture. Do 30 second bursts of microwave. Check each time, as your don’t want this too hot for working. How you know this is by looking at the melting thats happening. If there are little pieces to be still melted, take it out of the microwave.
  • Stir gently as we are not going to introduce bubbles into the melt. And you will find that the small particles that did not melt, will do so outside the microwave.
  • Now we can introduce our color. Of course, we start at 1 drop and work up, watching to see when we have enough color. Any colorants that you have bought may have different methods of preparing before adding to our Melt and Pour.
  • Stir slowly, so we don’t introducr too many air bubbles.
  • In regards to the additives, if they are of a solid variety, melt them aside from the Melt and Pour. Then they can be introduced now. If they are already liquid, then we are ok. Add them.
  • Next comes the essential oils or fragrances. Do not exceed 25 drops per pound of Melt and Pour. If you have 3-4 or more fragrances, then this 25 drops is divided by the number used.
  • Pour into molds that you desire. Spritz with rubbing alcohol. Let set for a good 3-4 hours.  (A lot of us do it way sooner).
  • Pop out of molds.
  • Wrap in plastic wrap.

This will be the most basic of Melt and Pour soap. Your imagination will be the limit on what scents, shapes, wrapping.

*If you have any problems thus far, go to the forum you picked out, because we are all fellow soapers.

Dog Soap Recipe

Check with your local veterinarian.  Essential Oils that can be used in a bar of soap, that will work for one of our family, (dog). Our vet says that Tea Tree Oil, Lavender, which we know are antiseptic, are hated by fleas. Good for their coat is some Vitamin E oil. so below:

4 1/2 ounces are in 1 bar of soap.  Weigh on scales the Melt and Pour Base

300 IU Vitamin E (tablet-open up)

Essential oils of  Tea Tree, Lavender, or Vet suggestions.  Let’s check our list of  antiseptic quality essential oils. This works out to 6 drops  in a bar

1/4 tsp. of  liquid glycerin

Do the same process as the first recipe Melt and Pour Soap Recipe.


Bath Salt Recipes

Basic Bath Salt

3 cups of Epsom Salts

2 cups of Sea Salt

1 cup of Baking Soda

1/2 ounce Essential Oil, Fragrance Oil (your choice)

Colour is Optional.


  • Mix all the salts/Baking Soda  in one go. Make sure you have no lumps.
  • Add Essential Oils or you could use the many Fragrance Oils.
  • Put in airtight container.

Another Idea

To realize just what we can do with our imagination. The video below has used a slightly different  kind of salt. What we especially notices was the 6 essential oils that were used.  Ylang Ylang, Lavender, Patchouli, Nutmeg, Petitgrain, and Vetiver.


Here a few Essential Oils that I think would go together excellently for bath salts.

Basi and Rosemary/grapefruit and lime/ Geranium and Lavender/Spearment and Peppermint/ Vanilla and Lemons/Patchouli by itself. The fun begins::::

Air Fresheners

Fresh water, spring water, and only use 2% of  Essential Oils.  Measure the size of your sprayer. Shake, shake, shake before spraying because the oil will settle.



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